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Would you like to write for us and help our team to create this place?

If yes, that’s great! We are more than happy to collaborate with you.
How can you do this? Read more below.

Do you agree that the possibilities of technology and business are endless? This is amazing that we can live in a world full of new technologies and modern devices and share our knowledge with the world on the internet.

But there is always something new that we can learn and that’s why our team is open to collaborating with anyone who has original ideas, high quality, and very importantly, unique content. Maybe you know something that even our experienced professional team doesn’t know yet? We can learn something new every day, right?

We would like to collaborate with permanent contributors and authors who will write articles for this website. But don’t worry if you wish to write only one article. That’s completely fine for us! Feel free to send us even one guest post.

We have started this website recently and we work really hard in order to create interesting and high-quality content. Even though we are quite new on the market, we have already a lot of viewers and great statistics! That gives us more power and more energy to work even harder!

What are the advantages of writing for us?

If you will become a regular and permanent author, you will receive your own login to the website where you will find the articles you have written.

Moreover, you will have an impact on people lives! Is that an exaggeration? No.
Imagine that your articles are read by people from all over the world. They can be inspired by your content and, for example, decide that technology or business are perfect for their career. Or someone can find the answer he or she looks for a long time. And you will give those answers! Isn’t that amazing? Our viewers appreciate the content and we know it for sure because we get e-mails from them with the words of appreciation. You will also get it once you become our contributor.

We would like you to write an article about:

  • Technology
  • New innovations
  • Business Software
  • Effectiveness and productivity at work
  • Marketing Tips
  • Online Marketing
  • Hardware
  • Programming
  • Tips for young leaders
  • Management

The topics from the world of business and technology are diverse so feel free to write something from the field mentioned above or send us your own ideas!

How to submit an article?

Permanent contributor: If you have an idea for the article, or if you have already written an article which you would like to send us, please write an e-mail or use the contact form. We will talk about all the details and then we will give you the author rights with your own login to this website. This will be the possibility for you to post the articles anytime from anywhere. However, our content managers will also have the rights to do little changes and the correction of the content.

Please be aware that we will remove contributors who will provide only 1 article a month.

Guest-posts: If you are interested in posting a guest article, please send us an e-mail with your ideas for the topics or a written article. We will check it and if everything will be correct, we will post it. Simply, send us the article with or without the images and we will do the rest. Once the article is ready, we will send you a live link.

Please remember:

  • Your article should have at least 800 words and 3500 words maximum.
  • Be unique! We always check if there is any plagiarism in your content.
  • You need to show us that you have copyright to the images from the article ( licenses, website sources )
  • Include external links to the well-checked sources related to the subject of the article.

There are so many creative and inventive people in the world and we are sure that you are one of them. We would like to meet you!