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Small Businesses Using Online Software to Manage Their Business

by Andy Morisson
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Business, as it is today, is quite different from what it used to be in the last century.

The main reason for this is the upgrade in Technology between the last century and now. Businesses are tagging along with the wave of improvement that Technology brings.

One of such improvements is business software. This is one of the important things that make businesses successful today.

Business software has been tremendously upgraded. This has brought integration and efficiency into business transactions.

Unlike the good old days where there was a staff for every task in the office, we now have business software that is as robust as humans and even more efficient.

This software can record, document and file all your data. Today businesses enjoy the benefits that come with computers and online software.

This means you don’t have to waste money or time on buying office inventory like memos or printing papers. With the software, you can easily transfer files and carry out other related activities within a shorter period.

Every existing business requires efficiency and speed. This is essential for the smooth running of the business and for easy passing of information.

Today, businesses rely on software to pass information efficiently and perform other important tasks, though this was not always the case.

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How Businesses Fared Before Excel and Computers

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the benefits of technology if we don’t look at how businesses worked before the arrival of computing technology.

I have always wondered how businesses fared before supercomputers were invented. I also wonder how easy it would have been to calculate figures before Excel was created.

Have you ever wondered how files were kept and transferred before the advent of computing technology or how businesses maintained communication with their clients?

Well, all calculations and official writings were done with calculators and typewriters. The calculators used back then weren’t even as advanced as the ones we see around us today. Every action was carried out manually.

Whatever wasn’t typed was written by hand with pen and paper even if it was a sales receipt. The spreadsheet which is what we use on excel was written out in a ledger book. It was pretty difficult back then.

Letters that couldn’t be typed were handwritten and posted through the post office. Sometimes it took months for clients to receive messages from business owners. The whole process was snail-like.

Each employee was very careful while carrying out each task.

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Accountants kept records with their ledgers and balance sheets. As stressful as this might seem to us now, they did the work efficiently back in the days. All records and inventories were also written out.

What we do effortlessly was a huge task back then. All records on paper were thoroughly filed and saved in cabinets.

The manual system used in the last century can’t be compared to computers that work at the speed of light today.

The truth is Technology is bliss! 

Benefits of Online Software

There are many ways online software can help small businesses and make life easy for the owner. Here are some of the immense benefits:

  • With online software, you can be sure your work will be done in a shorter time. The speed of getting the work done is really fast.
  • All business transactions are fully coordinated and integrated by business software. It can easily transfer files within a department or transfer the files to other departments and get other jobs done with little or no input from you.
  • With online software, you don’t need to worry about cross-checking figures from ledgers, payroll, bills, and expenses. Online and business software is usually more efficient.
  • Communication is essential to any business, especially small businesses. Online software provides smooth communication that will aid your business.
  • Online software can protect your business; with it, you can relax when you think of the security of your business.
  • Online and business software can help managers become more efficient in all their tasks. It can be used to monitor the progress of the work done. You can rest assured that information will be passed to the appropriate desk.
  • When connected to the internet, online software can be used to connect staff within a company or it can connect the company with clients. It can be used to attend to clients no matter where they may be.
  • Your company’s relationship with clients will improve since it focuses on each client as an individual. The client will feel appreciated, valued and willing to continue with you.

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Examples of Online Software for Small Business

There are different types of online software that can be used to effectively manage small businesses. An example is the SaaS software.

Software as a Service which is popularly known as SaaS is a software distribution model where applications are presented by the service provider or a vendor.

This software provides immense benefits to online businesses. It is easy to use and you can easily understand the user-friendly software. It makes administration quite easy and it updates automatically.

It gives room for easy collaboration and you can easily get it anywhere in the world.

There is another service known as GoDaddy. This is highly commendable as it provides fast and secure email contacts. Users have commended it for the advanced 4th-grade generation hosting.

It has assisted entrepreneurs to get more work done online.

There is other software that can assist your business such as Plumsale, Dropbox and MailChimp. These are all useful to the business in different ways.

Plumsale is made for small businesses. It enables quick raising, sending of slick invoices to clients and tracking of new sales perspective. It also keeps a record of cash-flow and bills.

MailChimp doesn’t cost you a dime and it allows easy coordination on Twitter. It is user-friendly and it keeps out spam mail.

Dropbox allows you to store your information and files online. It is convenient and simple. It provides you with 25GB to store your emails, it secures your data or chats with clients and sends instant messages on your behalf.

In conclusion, you should be able to explore and find the software that suits your business.

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