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Cloud Encryption Tips for Businesses (Infographic)

by Randall Becerra
Secure Digital Cloud Computing Cyber Security Concept

Research shows that 75% of businesses have either partially or extensively deployed cloud encryption. Today’s businesses are storing more data than ever before on the cloud, so it’s important to ensure that this information is kept as safe as possible from prying eyes. As such, many businesses are looking towards cloud encryption as a way to protect sensitive data from hackers.

How Does Cloud Encryption Work?

Cloud encryption refers to translating data into a secret code. By scrambling your data into incomprehensible code, you are protected even in the event of a data breach. Usually, the only “key” to this data is entrusted to one or more reliable individuals. However, it’s critical that these keys are kept safe, as there is no retrieving the data if these keys are lost.

Learn More

This infographic from the team at Paradyn provides some helpful pointers on how best to apply cloud encryption to your business.


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