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The workplace can be a strenuous environment. On the one hand, you are trying to finish a particular task before your boss starts breathing down your neck while on the other hand, you are trying to push the thought of your visiting mother in law out of your head.

Maintaining focus at work is not an easy thing but at the same time, it is not impossible.

You have to be focused to ensure that your do not get the letter at the end of the month. And you definitely need to be focused on your work to get your picture up on that wall for the “Employee of the Month”.

But how do you achieve this when you have so much going on in your life? How do you find just enough peace to get on with your daily activities at work?

Always Find What You Do Inspiring And Fun

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Before overcoming the physical aspect of your job, you need to win the mental war first. You should first make yourself at ease with the reason for taking up the job in the first place.

This will give you a desire to perform and excel at your workplace. And when you have to perform tasks, find fun and creative ways to execute them.

Don’t let yourself be constrained by the set guidelines every other worker is following doggedly.

Perform your tasks like they were yours. When you make yourself have a personal stake in the affairs of the workplace, your focus will increase.

Choose A Great Chair-and-table Combo

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This might sound petty but it is actually a very effective way of staying focused at work. A lot of people are comfortable with sitting for long hours of the day.

If you are one of them, make sure you have a very comfortable workplace table and chair. If you have to, insist on a chair with a good back support and a desk that is well positioned and structured.

When your seat is comfortable, you will find out that you will be able to work well without minding the fact that you have to be seated for most of the day.

Organize Your Work Station

If you have an untidy desk, you will most likely not be able to focus at work.

If you want to stay focused, you must strive to ensure that only the items you need are on the desk. Your desk has cabinets for a reason. Use them.

Food flasks should not be on your table. Keep them along with other non essential items in the drawers and cabinets.

You should have an area designated for your personal items like your gadgets, bag, refreshments or wallet. This area should not be far from your desk because the process of standing up to pick something from your bag might make you lose focus.

Make Your Computer Distraction-free

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Make sure that your computer’s desktop is free of programs that can distract you.

For years, I had issues with focusing on my work because I had this really time consuming program displayed prominently on my desktop: Football Manager 2012. To overcome this, I had to tuck the shortcut icon deep in my Local Disk files.

If you have to do so for whatever program that is distracting you, endeavour to do so.

Also, make sure that all your software and antivirus systems are updated regularly. This is because notifications often pop up every time a computer is connected to the internet. The distraction caused by these notifications can make you lose focus.

Have Enough Water Nearby

Water is an important resource for combating fatigue.

Signs of fatigue are not such a strange sight in workplaces. However, the refreshing effect of a glass of water can help you keep it at bay.

If you have enough water near you, you will not have to go to the water station instead of finishing the work at hand.

A single trip to the water station is all you need to be open to distraction. You just might come across some interesting piece of gossip along the way and this will be enough to keep your mind occupied for the whole day.

By All Means, Bring In The Snacks

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Water is not the only thing you should have near you. Not all businesses give workers lunch breaks and if yours happens to be one, you should already know the value of having refreshments handy.

Yawning is not just a sign of fatigue or lack of sleep. It could just mean that your big ol’ stomach is aski for its dues.

You cannot work on an hungry stomach.

Make A Daily “to-do” List And Keep It Within Reach

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It will be very helpful for you to have a to-do list at a very conspicuous position on your desk.

Most people prefer to use their mobile devices and computers for this purpose but this could make you vulnerable to distractions.

All you have to do is check out that funny Instagram feed and you are hooked for the next four hours.

Therefore, try to keep your to-do list at a place where you can readily consult it. It will serve as a guide for your daily activities.

Prioritize The Tasks

Studies have shown that workers are usually more productive in the morning. This is probably because they are still full of exuberance and energy for daily tasks.

With this knowledge, you should try to work on all your difficult tasks in the morning. You can then face less urgent work next.

Of you do this, you would have already finished the more important tasks before you start losing focus later in the day.

By Andy Morisson

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