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Riding the Tech Wave

by Andy Morisson
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There’s no doubt that Technology has had a big influence on society. It has drastically altered the way businesses work and impact the way we live our everyday lives. From the developments in medication and education to the way we travel and interact, our lives have become truly comfortable and fast-paced. With the rate at which devices are upgrading and the functions they can do today, is the human life in for more benefits? Or not?

 Machines Over Humans

Compared to people, machines work faster, don’t make mistakes and minimize overhead expenses. That is mainly why Oxford University anticipates that in the next 20 years, 47% of US jobs will be taken over by thinking machines! The effect Technology has on the working population has existed for quite a long time. Throughout the Industrial Revolution employees were being replaced by machines and this pattern is growing.

Changing times means constant adjusting. Take a look at the web transformation which made way to the World Wide Web and e-commerce. It literally killed businesses like Kodak and Blockbuster video. The businesses that have taken over anew for the last couple of years are tech such as Airbnb and Uber that run generally through an app.

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Today Technology is advancing at such a high rate that jobs getting affected are not only in production and easy jobs such customer care functions, (in China there is currently a dining establishment where waitresses have been replaced by robotics) but computer systems will be extremely smart, they will start taking on the human brain.

To show this level of intelligence, in 2011 IBM developed a very complicated computer system called Watson which took on two of the probably most successful chess players and beat them. This plainly reveals that it is now possible to make a machine think analytically and tactically. This win was significant. It showed a machine had the ability to think for itself, use facial acknowledgment, facial expressions and check out body movement.

More recently, the world was introduced to 3D printing. This Technology enables extremely personalized parts and items to be printed as needed, from furniture, clothing, bones, and prostheses to automobile, aircraft and structure parts. This will result in a prevalent shake-up in all markets.

 Improvements are obvious all around us

Gone are the days where there was a person in Toll Booths who welcomed you and took your money. Now there is a device for that – no person needed. Typewriters are now computer systems and laptop computers. People used to see pagers as mind-blowing tech. Today, it is just ancient. Fax machines were a hit as well. Today, though still used, fax machines are slowly getting buried deep into the tech trash. Judging from the pattern, imagine what we will be having twenty years from now. How can an iPhone be ancient?

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Think about Moore’s Law, a discovery that Gordon Moore had back in 1965. He theorized that the variety of transistors engineers are able to stuff inside a silicon chip doubled every two years. For that reason, the processing power of our computer systems is expected to double every two years. Presuming microprocessor producers can continue to measure up to Moore’s Law that would suggest computer systems 100 years from now would be 1,125,899,906,842,624 times more effective than computer systems today. That is unimaginable. There are those who argue, saying Moore’s Law will quickly start to break down. Nevertheless, there are others who think there is no warranty if it will ever reach a limit, and computer system power is predicted to exceed the power of all human brains.

High technological development creates a unique period of worldwide success and fast change, and having the right abilities for the digital economy will enhance competitiveness and performance. Today, people don’t have to be real hardcore geeks to make use of technology.  Technology enables itself to be used by anyone.

The wave of Technology is occurring. You can either be pulled under or you can take control and ride it. Use it to your benefit, and ensure you are on the right side of the tech wave.




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