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Public Communication Skills As An Essential Part Of Your Professional Career

by Andy Morisson

Public speaking is a way of passing valuable information to others, usually a large gathering such as public events, seminars, conferences, institutions, and corporate organizations. A good orator will have excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills, language authority, in-depth knowledge and even the ability to inspire and influence the listeners. The skill of information conveyed to groups of listeners can be a part of your regular life or your career or even a full-time career. Let us explore the wide world of orators.

Public speaking dates back to centuries but is still one of the most important skills to be acquired anytime. So, why is it so important to acquire?

The necessity of speaking in public for ensuring your employability

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You must be thinking, “Why should I get concerned about speaking in public when I am having an office job?” If so, it is time to change your approach. Nature of jobs, nature of employers and the demand for skills have rocketed changes. Your company may be serving both national and international clients. You will not be an independent employee, but a member of a huge or small team. The team lead might be competing with other leads on who is going to grab that dream project. You may need to raise your own finance to build your career.

How does your team work? How the international projects and competitive edges run?  The answer is public speaking for the proposals or ideas to be presented in the most convincing way. The person with the best logic, communication skills, and creativity will be able to outplay others. You need to have good interpersonal skills to share a working rapport with your teammates. Only if you are able to interpret and portray your ideas effectively, you can propel forward in the competitive corporate world.

There may be many reasons for a person to underperform in presentations and meetings. Some may be technically excellent, but poor in language. While others might be good in both but stage fear may be making them nervous. Once you become nervous, all chances are that your mind goes blank. You will mix up the concepts, words might be choking in your throat and cause you to blabber. You are sure to spoil your speech, and obviously, you will not be able to convincingly answer the listeners. Certain people are capable of converting this negative adrenaline rush into positivity by a full energy speech and they are the hot and happening lot. The former set needs to work hard on their public speaking skills either on their own or with the help of reliable friends/relatives. They can also seek the help of professional public speaking coaching centers.

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Looking into the examples

The future of a marketing professional depends more on his public speaking skills than his technical knowledge. Be it client meetings, sales presentation, market study or annual report, you have to speak your best and for that, you have to depend on the orator in you. Let us consider other popular types of career. What about the academicians? Their profession is to stand in front of a crowd (students) every day, every working hour and give lectures on their subject. If they are nervous to speak, their career would have never taken off. The same is the case for legal professionals and civil administrators. If they have the power and ability to speak and control the people around them, then they are good at their work.

Now, taking a different turn into scientific and healthcare jobs. Healthcare workers such as doctors and nurses will have to deal with caretakers of patients, give lectures on healthy practices to the public and even do case and research presentations in front of scientific communities. The same holds true for scientists and researchers. Their first stepping stone itself is public speaking. To get funding to initiate their projects, they have to present their proposals before eminent panels. If they fail, their career will also fail to start. Thinking about the bankers? Convincing and explaining economically frustrated customers is an uphill task and they should be experts in conveying the banking terms to the layman.

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What if you do not work with a company, but instead carry out a business on your own? Then the need to have good speaking capability is all the more important. Unless you are able to put your business model or product in the most impressive way, you will not be able to persuade the potential customer.

The fear of speaking in public is faced by a majority of us who seek every opportunity to escape from such occasions. However, it may not be practical every time. At some point in time, we may have to speak in front of a crowd. The crowd may be our professional colleagues, seniors at an office meeting or our friends and relatives at a personal function, say your child’s birthday party. So leave aside your fear and practice to speak in any situation, for it is not an unconquerable peak for those who make the effort.













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