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Monitor a Cell Phone Calls, SMS and Screen Activities with TheOneSpy

by Grace Rennie
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TheOneSpy is known for the best parental and employee monitoring app. One can get multiple benefits in a single package. Imagine, purchasing a plan will give you different benefits including location tracking, spying on social media applications, accessing browsing history and a lot more. Now you can monitor a cell phone anonymously and with the accuracy of the information that is transferred to the web portal.

The app is allowing parents to keep a check on their kids and be there with them in the hour of need. These are the kids of the 21st century; they are habitual of instant gratification and telling them to be patient and safe can make them stubborn. No one wants their kids to be in trouble.

For the same reason, you cannot allow your employees to waste your resources by wasting their time in office. Using the resources given by the office is for work. So, monitoring app will help you keep them focused on work. If they know that they are watched, they will act responsibly. So, you can monitor them anonymously or inform them about being under the monitoring system. Anonymous monitoring has the benefit of catching the next level of fraud in your company. Now you have to decide for yourself.

Great features for parents & employers

Following is the amazing list of features that helps people in sneaking into someone’s phone. You can remotely check their daily phone activities and also protect your kids from getting into any serious trouble. Explore the features of the finest app and choose your plan of subscription now.

1.     Live Screen Recording

It is the feature that gives you every right to watch all the activities of the phone live. Use of social media, browsing activity or any text message or calls is recorded live through this one feature.

2.     Call logs

Want to know about the calling activity of kids? Well, get it with the complete detail about the duration of call, contact details and even listen to the conversation. You can know to whom your kids are interacting and what kind of information they are exchanging with each other. The same goes for employees.

3.     Social media monitoring

Social media is the most frequently used apps by teens. Walking, talking or working, they are always found on social media. So, know about their activities on social media. You can know about their latest interests, hobbies and how they deal with people online. The behavior of a person can tell a lot about them.

4.     Phone controlling

You can control the camera and microphone. Bug them and judge the surroundings by listening to the voices or watching visuals. This is one of the features that enable users to have full control of the target device. You can block websites, use the geofencing features to mark safe and unsafe places and get alarms in case of boundary violation.

5.     Location tracking

Track the GPS location of a target person and allow them to be on the safe side of the fence. Yes, we all have experienced shady places, and they are not safe for the kids. Keep them away from it by tracking their location and reaching them on time.

6.     Browsing history

Access their browsing history and if you need, you can block some websites that show adult content. Kids have sharp minds, but they lack the wisdom of processing information. So, it can always damage their little brains.

7.     Multimedia files

Access the media files including photos, videos, stored and shared data of the phone. This way you can get the idea about their shared interests with someone or someone is trying to manipulate them or not.

8.     Read emails

The features of the app allow you to read emails. You can get the details of a receiver too including the files shred through emails.

9.     Online & Offline activities on the phone

Observe all the online and offline activities of your kids. Movies they watch, people and the photos they share.


TheOneSpy app makes easy to monitor a cell phone and without alarming another person. So, you are not at risk of doing it, and you also get the benefit of receiving all the data from the target device.


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