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[Infographic] The Pros and Cons of Cloud-Based Software Systems

by Andy Morisson
Cloud software

The dawn cloud computing has already changed and affected the way industries function and operate, and the construction industry is of no exception. More and more construction businesses have already transitioned from conventional, on-premise systems to advanced, cloud-based ones, and for several good reasons.

One of the primary motives for companies to adopt cloud-based software is that it enables them to take advantage of the latest tech without making huge upfront investments. Most cloud-based software packages can be utilized on a subscription basis, which means that the company can scale the system based on their financial capability and actual need of the organization.

Being able to use the most important systems over the “cloud” also means that all personnel – from workers to project manager and contractors – can access critical data whenever they need to.

However, despite these advantages, cloud software has drawbacks as well. If you want to learn more about cloud-based software systems and their advantages and disadvantages, check out the full infographic below from Bizprac.

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