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Six Reasons to Have a Process-Driven Company ( Infographic )

by Grace Rennie

We know that businesses must focus on the proper utilization of resources while meeting the demands of the customers. Each company has an organization that keeps the work product and there are different ways to run an organization.

There are two types of organizations that every office can apply when it comes to their work. These are people-driven and process-driven organizations. These two have different characteristics and should be reviewed by every corporate executive to distinguish what kind of company they are or if they want to be that way.

People-driven organizations are organizations that rely on the capabilities of a single individual to perform assigned tasks. In this way, the more capable the employees are, the more efficient the work would be. Many business personnel from the past generations still run a people-driven organization because of the thinking that they might lose control of the organization if they rely on the process.

On the other hand, process-driven organizations allow the strategy of teams to accomplish tasks and to meet the needs of their customers. Unlike people-driven organizations, the organization manages the objectives of the business in a procedural way. A large sum of companies have tried being a process-driven organization but failed due to the lack of understanding of what a process-driven organization is.

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Learning is the virtue of a process-driven organization. What most companies do not have is the ability to adapt to new environments which gives a process-driven organization the edge over its counterpart. A process-driven organization can measure what needs to be measured and what frequency in the process itself rather than the people doing the process.

Monitoring the process itself can make the team identify the progress and what hinders it towards reaching the goal of the organization. Unless a problem is not seen, then it would not be resolved. A team not seeing a problem is a problem itself, and the tendency could be the team adapting to the problem and sweeping it under the rug rather than solving it.

However, seeing the problems is not enough. Solving the problem in the fastest rate possible is the ultimate solution to this. This can only be achieved by having a process-driven company. Somehow, being a person-driven company can be a first step in developing into a process-driven one.

A company’s responsibility is to develop its employees to its maximum potential and capabilities. In this way, they can be a part of productivity in the process. Developing people with potential is not only a great investment in the long run; it also lessens the errors committed by them, which saves money, time, and other valuable resources.

As a business grows, its complexities arise as well, and being a process-driven organization does not mean that there would be no complexities. A process-driven organization means finding which areas would be complex throughout the process to make it less hard.

Of course, there are reasons why you should turn your company into a process-driven one and know them, and you can read this infographic from Bizprac.

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