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Essential Business Tools for Communication in Companies

by Andy Morisson
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Businesses have started to change with the changing times and there are so many measures taken to address the issues of the employees, increase employee productivity, make administrative management easier with better solutions and motivate employees through simplification of processes.

Communication is the area in which changes have been drastically made. Companies have started using business tools to make communication between the employees and management better. It is only up to the communication managers to select the right kind of tool for the internal communication within their company.

A communication tool selected for business must address certain basic problems like failure of internal communication, lack of collaboration, lack of problem tracking, and a place that lacks discussing viewpoints and problems. Hence, a business communication tool that is deployed in a company must be able to address these issues. Let us look at them in detail.

  1. Internal Communication

The most common problem that each organization experience during a certain phase is the failure of internal communication. An internal communication failure happens when one or more of the following occurs:

  • When employees are unable to track the news and announcements about the company
  • When there is a communication failure between the employees and the other departments
  • When there is a lack of standardized policy or a policy that lacks clarity
  • When there is a lot of paperwork to be done
  • When papers and documents go missing

While some of the above might look like a small problem, the business will be in chaos when handling lots of employees. Hence, the best solution will be to deploy a portal where all the employees will be able to access/post information, communicate with various departments and upload documents for reference. An intranet-based solution works best for a company as it increases the productivity of employees.

  1. Collaboration

For a company to succeed, employees need to work on teams and they must collaborate. If this is not done properly, then they would lose track of what the others are doing. To bring the team together is a more effective way to work together and make progress.

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The business communication tools selected for a company must most importantly address this issue and help the teams to work together to make progress. It must provide a space where the tool has chat and messaging capabilities. A tool is a must to keep the managers updated about the progress of employees work and at the same time, allow the manager to communicate with this team people.

Such kind of a collaborative space is essential particularly in places where employees work in different geographical locations. This helps the communication to be just a tap away.

  1. Issue Tracking

Any IT company or a service-oriented company must be able to keep track of issues from the customer side or the development side. If there are more issues from the customer’s end, then the issues need to be tracked properly and attended to. If not, it makes the customers frustrated.

An internal communication tool must be able to allow the customer or other employees to raise an issue and track it right from the beginning till the time of closure. This will make sure that the issue is tracked and resolved on time. In this way, the whole process is centralized and this results in improving the services provided.

  1. Image/Video Upload

The best way to communicate with people is through the eyes. If a content is good to look at, then people start reading it. The content that is posted must attract more active participants and if the content that is posted is dull, then it becomes a problem.

As our brains are faster in processing visual information, people will get more benefit if images and videos are uploaded in the intranet Thus, there must be a provision in the business tool to upload videos and pictures to increase the interest and engagement in employees. These kinds of tools are especially effective in departments like marketing where visual appeal is very essential.

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  1. Discussion Forums

If learning new skills are important, then sharing information are far more important. It not only helps fellow employees but it also helps new employees to adapt more easily to the environment. Discussion forums are such spaces where employees can discuss their experiences, expertise, and issues with others within an organization. Discussion forums help to share and archive knowledge that is not got from the blogs.

When the above needs are satisfied by a Business communication tool, it is sure to improve the efficiency of the company through fair means.





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