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The Role Of Computer Networks In Business

by Grace Rennie
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The computers are notable for many of their compelling qualities like rapidity, productivity, data integration, effortless communication and so on. All of these qualities are crucial to the success of a business where the demands and challenges increase exponentially day-by-day.

Any business to expand successfully, it is highly critical in maintaining efficient and effective communication to realize confidential data transfer and satisfied customer service. There are several modern electronic mediums to achieve flawless communication, yet, being stand-alone they wouldn’t contribute to the productive communication practices because it is time-consuming and cost-ineffective.

So a perfect solution to overcome the above-mentioned problems is to interconnect these mediums and form an active network catering to all your business needs.

What does Computer Networking mean?

Although apparently, the term computer networking denotes the network communication between computers it can also include telephones, printers, and fax machines, etc. that are shared between the computers for transferring information and documents. For example, within an organization’s LAN network, you can send printing information to any printer connected to the network.

The relevant systems can be enabled in networking by means of a dedicated wire connection or advanced wireless connection.  Whatever is the transfer medium, there are a set of specific guidelines or protocols that are ought to be followed whilst you are engaged in computer networking.

The Internet is the best example of a computer network, where you can quickly communicate with people and enable data transfer globally.

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Types of Computer Networks

Types of computer networks depend predominantly upon the size of your network and are broadly classified as,

  • Local Area Network or LAN

As the name denotes, this network is local to the organization or building and only the individuals associated with these entities are authorized to access.

  • Metropolitan Area Network or MAN

A MAN is the active network established across a city or large campus and is significantly greater and complex than LAN. For example, the Cable TV network that spans across the city.

  • Wide Area Network or WAN

These are the network connections that enable the virtual communication and data transfer across the borders and throughout the entire world, by means of satellites and other high-end cables such as fiber optic cables and so on.

The beneficial contribution of computer networks in business

The computer networks have transformed the business practices into a much more productive form with its following advantages.

  • Geographic-independent

Computer networking has virtually demolished the borders of geographies, in where a business operating in the USA can quickly communicate with its associated service partner in Asia, via the WAN or the internet. This has eliminated the need to travel, the time elapsed in traveling, the associated cost, and the physical inconveniences involved in long-distance traveling and so on.

This has even allowed the availability of useful, critical services or products for the people throughout the world, benefitting the larger mass and promoting the business growth and revenue.

Lan cable connected on a laptop

  • Data Security

With computer networks, the security of the data involved has highly improved avoiding most common loss of data and tackling the potential threats to data. Many confidential business documents are quickly and securely transferred to the relevant parties without costing much money or labor.

Imagine the physical transfer of documents over postal services that are vulnerable to harmful human threats, natural disasters and also the significant amount of cost and time involved in delivering them to the required destination.

Although the computer networks are not 100% secured, destroying their security requires advanced computer networking skills and knowledge, which are not so easy to accomplish by laymen. As with achieving 100% security, significant research is carried out for achieving complicated encryption, advanced anti-virus protection and firewalls and stringent server access protocols and policies to prevent any malicious activity leading to data theft and loss.

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  • Cost and time effective

Computer networks save a significant amount of time and money for your business in the following ways.

  • Labor and time involved in transferring critical documents are eliminated. Emails and cloud-based communications are cheaper and quicker than conventional postal services.
  • Time and cost involved in insignificant business travels are avoided as many important business meetings can be effectively carried out via video conferencing.
  • With computer networks, anybody can connect to work at the luxury of their homes and has thus potentially opened the doors for office-free work environment eliminating the time and cost involved in the operations of an office building, infrastructure-related services and other employee amenities like the cafeteria, company transportation, etc.

Thus computer networks play a crucial role in empowering the business sector with highly advanced communication and data transferring methodologies, where within the blink of your eye you can accomplish unimaginable tasks leading to your business development and betterment of the entire world.


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