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The Best Kinds of Bespoke Software Solutions

by Randall Becerra
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If you’re undecided between bespoke and off-the-shelf software, it’s quite hard to decide which route to go. Like almost every other choice a business owner has to make, there’s no one solution that can apply in every situation – bespoke software has its strengths and weakness, and there are some tasks and areas it is uniquely suited for. This article will guide you through some of the areas and tasks bespoke is best at so you can make a more informed decision.

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Working in Niches

Off-the-shelf software is created to have broad appeal, so it can sell to as many potential customers as possible, but this, by definition, goes against niches. That’s why if your business relies on a few unexplored niches in the market, it is extremely unlikely you’ll find an off-the-shelf software solution, beyond really general and mediocre programs, that will serve your needs. Going with a bespoke software program will help you capitalize on your unique market position and make the most out of the niches you’re serving.

Expanding and Connecting Many Branches

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As your business gets more and more complex, the likelihood of an off-the-shelf software solution out there that serves your needs exponentially diminishes – especially if you let your business grow organically by responding to market trends, when it is sufficiently large enough, you’ll find out that your corporate structure is quite unique, and off-the-shelf software can’t capture the nuances of your operations. That’s why investing in bespoke business intelligence solutions with an eye to the future can allow you to optimize your business and increase your gains.

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